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Lys sensommerkveld


Sandefjord is the city that comes to life in summer. The otherwise calm and quiet city comes to life when all the vacationers come to enjoy the long awaited summer days here. A big selection of shops and nice clubs, combines by rocky shores, many outdoor areas and long, shallow beaches, makes this places to a popular destination. We will give you a list of the things Sandefjord has to offer today, and what it once was. 
Sandefjord has a lot to offer for those interested in history, culture, the outdoors, and for those who like the good life.

Sandefjord by Sea
Sandefjord is a maritime city with many traditions. Today, the Sandefjordsfjord is the main road for those visiting Sandefjord by boat. The pair of long, characteristic half islands east of the city center, the islands of Vesterøya and Østerøya, used to be two islands. In that way, the vikings could go straight from the place Sandefjord is located today and out to the Tønsbergfjord without having to sail the long way around the southern part of Østerøys, Holteskjær and Tønsberg Barrel. They removed the inner path of water in the 1600s.
Vestfold´s most populated county is a nice harbor to visit by boat, both if you´re planning on staying on one of the islets, or if you´re visiting the city. By the seafront, below the Rika Park Hotel, there is a great harbor for smaller boats with marked guest spaces. You can easily walk from the seafront to the city. The green and shallow waterpark is the nearest neighbor of the seafront, a natural place to wander through before you get to the more urban part of Sandefjord with all kinds of shops and eateries both inside and outside. You´ll find great restaurants both in the city and down by the dock. What about ending the night with a delicious whale beef dinner at one of the restaurants, or visiting the world champion in cooking, Geir Skeie´s restaurant in the inner dock, Harbor 11. From the harbor area, you´ll have a great view of the beautiful fjord, and you´ll often see the two competing ferry company´s ferries that goes from Strømstad to Sweden. Both of the companies has daily departures from Sandefjord.

Outdoor Paradise
For those interested in the outdoors, Sandefjord´s natural area is a paradise, and you don´t have to travel far from the city center to get to the beautiful nature. Sandefjord is lucky in that they have three close hills and outdoor areas like Preståsen, Mokollen and Virikskogen surrounding the city. Several parks close to the city center melts the green with the harmonic city life. In geographical sizing, Sandefjord is a relatively small county, but it has a great archipelago where the three fjords, the Sandefjordsfjord, the Mefjord and the Tønsbergfjord makes 146 kilometers of coastline.
In 2009, Sandefjord county was elected the outdoors county of the year in Norway. The award was given because of the long-term work in trying to save and show cultural memories and outdoor areas for the city´s population and visitors. The city has registered 2800 cultural memories that are accessible for everyone.