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Until The End of the World

Tjøme´s archipelago paradise

Out by the sea, south of Tønsberg and the island Nøtterøy, you´ll find the holiday paradise and island of summer, Tjøme. That´s where the sun is shining, the waves are coming in, and the people enjoy life. It is one of Norway´s cities with most hours of sun, combined with great sandy beaches and warm rocky shores which has made Tjøme´s islands to an attractive destination and a place for artist, nature enthusiasts and boaters. Tjøme, the next to largest city in Vestfold offers varying nature, summer life, hotels of top notch, music and shows, relaxation and a wonderful boat life.

Tjøme, the island kingdom
In addition to the main islands Tjøme, Brøtso and Hvasser, the county consists of about 500 smaller islands, islets, and skerries. The three main islands has permanent settlement and a bridge connection. Some of the other islands has been inhabited earlier, like Sandø (or Sandøy), the vacation colony island Hudøy (Hudø or Hui) and Ildverket. Furthest out towards the Oslo fjord lies Leistein which shows the sailors the direction of Vrengsundet. Furthest south lies the Tristein islands and Færder lighthouse. This is considered the Oslo fjord´s most southern point.

Tjøme lies on old sea floor which the old clay deposits in valleys and singings clearly shoes. When the last ice age started to withdrawal about 200 000 years ago, Tjøme was under the surface of the sea. About 4000 years ago, the contours of today´s Tjøme started to take shape.

Naturally, Tjøme is most known as a holiday paradise because of the beautiful nature. You cannot find more holiday houses anywhere else in Norway. There are 2800 of them in the county. In the month of July, the population rises from about 4 500 to 50 000. The largest proportion of the holiday guests are the cabin people. The recent years, more and more hotel guests, camping guests and one-day guests have found their way to this summer paradise. In addition to this, the boaters visit the guest docks. Tjøme´s city center, originally called Kirkely is the county center. There are about 800 jobs in Tjøme.

Unique Nature

Green forest trails leads to polished rock formations almost wherever you go. Tjøme has great hiking areas that are great for the whole family. It is often surprising how many great forest trails you can find out on this island by the ocean. At Rød, straight south for the Town Hall, you can find a small golf court, and westbound, by the coast, is Øvre Rød Natural reserve. The archipelago around Tjøme, Brøtsø, and Hvasser can offer many islands and islets with thick vegetation, polished rocks, fine-grained sandy beaches and many sheltered boat places. At the very south of Tjøme, the walk is short to the islands most famous places, The World´s End and Moutmarka.
The coastal landscape in the southern part of Tjøme with Moutmarka and The World´s End has always pulled a large audience. This is because of the location with a great view of the sea, but also the special nature with thick vegetation between naked mountain crags.

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