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Nevlunghavn – or Havna, as the locals call it– is at the most south-western part of Brunlanes Peninsula, the outer-most sea-facing harbor of the ports along the Larvik and Vestfold coast. Still, the location is sheltered on the east side of the dominant Havneberget, which continues off to the west. The harbor basin has therefore been used as a harbor of refuge as well as a fishing port long before the place was inhabited. You’ll find peace of mind in Nevlunghavn, you can be sure of it. The light and views of Skagerrak from Nevlunghavn is unique and inspiring. Here you’ll find the open sea at a small fishing village and harbor that has managed to preserve its original character.

As one of the real gems along the Norwegian coast, it was no surprise that Nevlunghavn fit on UNESCO's list of places worthy of preservation. In 1991, Nevlunghavn was nominated as Vestfold’s candidate for being awarded by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage as the best preserved site in Norway. This brought Nevlunghavn to the UNESCO international list of protected towns simultaneously. In the municipal Larvik, Nevlunghavn is one of the places that are subject to special protection rules. The rules include not only an essential part of the community (about 70 houses), but also the characteristic rocks of the Norwegian coast, with which the community’s houses smoothly blend in.

With its picturesque nature, Nevlunghavn has always had a strong attraction for artists. Since the 1880s, when artists and wealthy hedonists "discovered" the place, Nevlunghavn has as a magnet for artists and creative souls. Great painters have operated and signed pictures here: Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, Fritz Thaulow, Nils Hansteen, Gerhard Munthe, Thorolf Holmboe, Harald Sohlberg, and even Odd Nerdrum, from our time. Paintings from Nevlunghavn hang in the National Gallery. Glass artist Benny Motzfeldt has also been here during the seasons.

Nevlunghavn was the place along the Oslo fjords where the most well-known artists and painters in Norway would use as their vacation spot for socializing with like-minded folk with mingling and partying. At the time, there were two hotels in little Nevlunghavn that competed every summer for our guests' favor. This drove up the sophisticated environment to great heights in Nevlunghavn. The 1920s hits "The Charlston" and "Ragtime" were familiar rhythms of Nevlunghavn.

Local Patriots brag rightly that Greta Garbo swam here, that Sonja Henie has played tennis here, and that Wildenvey has flirted here.