Images from Oslo and the Oslofjord - oslofjorden

Kuvauen is a narrow bay with several small sandy beaches well protected from
the wind. Innermost at the eastern side of the bay the Riksantikvaren (The
Directorate For Cultural Heritage) has chosen to protect an idyllic sea house
environment with moorings and piers which are quite unique in today's Hvaler.
The oldest shed was built as early as 1871 and the last one in the mid-1930s.
Kuvauen was port for both fishermen and pilots. At the steep rock wall behind the sea sheds the coastal trail winds upwards to the top of the rock. Up there you'll get a wonderful reward in form of a magnificent view of the ocean and a huge rocky landscape that stretches out into the ocean as far as the eye can see. From here you can also see Færder Lighthouse to the west and Torbjørnskjær Lighthouse to the south.

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