Images from Oslo and the Oslofjord - oslofjorden

Kyst i dvale - Mærrapanna

Coast in Hibernation

Visit the coast of Fredrikstad in the winter and enjoy the dreamlike mood. It's getting darker and autumn turns into winter. The pace of the human body adjusts a few notches down, and peace descends over the landscape. Nature goes into hibernation to rest as best it can for a few months. This is an appropriate time for recreation and the outdoors.
The fresh air and the crackling atmosphere invite you out for a for a walk in the woods, or how about skating on the glistening white ice? Or simply go ice fishing? Winter is just great for your mind and body to recover and to stock up with power and energy. There are several excellent spa resorts where you can relax, shut the outside world out, enjoy hot baths, treatments, sauna and massage. Think of this when you and your loved one want to just leave you almanac back home and find some time for yourselves. Or how about holding your corporate event here?
If you still haven't tried Fredrikstad off-season, go ahead and do it!

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