Images from Oslo and the Oslofjord - oslofjorden


Utgårdskilen. No one beats the quality and selection of the fresh seafood that Fjordfisk can offer. Fjordfisk AS is Østlandet's largest fishmonger of fish and shellfish. Fresh raw seafood directly to customers is their unique "trademark". Every day around 30 fishing boats deliver fresh fish to the facility in Utgårdskilen and Skjærhallen on Hvaler, as well as fish processing in Son (further north in the Oslo fjord). Fjordfisk also has stores relating to the industries. On Skjærhallen and Utgårdskilen, they can also tempt you with freshly steamed "Hvaler-shrimp" and good drinks in a pleasant maritime environment on the wharf. Something to look forward to on a hot summer day!

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