Images from Oslo and the Oslofjord - oslofjorden

Scrubbing Stripes

Skuringsstriper på "Pølsa" med utsikt ut i Kråkevika og Skagerrak.

The coastal landscape of Østfold is beautiful. Here are no high peaks or deep valleys, but in return the polished rocks and islets are ever so inviting. Do not be fooled into thinking that geology is not very exciting. The rock
formations you can see jumping ashore on an island or islet, tell us that mighty geologival processes have taken place here.

The nice, smooth forms of the rocks are ideal for sunbathing and as resting places for relaxing summer days.
Although the rock is hard, it is in a way like silk to the touch. The lines are soft and round. Who wouldn't doze off for a moment with the heat from the mountain on one side, the warming sun on the other, and the sound of the waves in the ears?

Most people know that polished rocks have something to do with the ice sliding over them. Ice and water formed the rocks. The glacier gathered pebbles and rock particles underneath. When it moved over water, sand and gravel, it acted like a gigantic water sander. Ice becomes plastic under pressure. The result is fantastic looking rocks, often with visible scratches from larger stones, called scrubbing stripes.

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