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Military Past
The small town Stavern has made itself known by his military past. Fredriksvern shipyard, Garrison Church, and Citadel Island tell the military history. The first seed of military facilities started during the war with Sweden in the 1670s, when barricades and batteries were built at Gyldenløve. Stavern Fort on Citadel Island was the first military unit in Stavern, and was also brought under Gyldenløves during the 1680's to protect the harbor in the feud against the Swedes. Stavern Fort later became an important base for Tordenskiold and his fleet during the Great Northern War from 1709 to 1720, while being a central point for maritime traffic to and from Denmark. Fredriksvern was place for holding war fleets and a place for new construction and repairs of war vessels. Later, the fort expanded and eventually (in 1750) became a part of Fredriksvern. In 1757, the fort was renamed "The Citadel". Parts of Stavern Fort was removed and renewed when Fredriksvern was built as the main station for the Norwegian Navy from 1750 to 1758. The old fort was part of Fredriksvern shipyard, and the oldest building in the plant, the Gunpowder Tower, has a distinctive architecture and a famous tourist attraction today.

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